March 2021

Golden Stonefly Chernoble.

Golden­­ Stonefly Chernoble

By Doug Keene Hook:              Daiichi #1730, #10 Wet/Nymph Hook Thread:           UTC Ultra-Thread, 140, Tan or brown Wire:               UTC Ultra-Wire, Medium, Red Tail:                 Krystal Flash, multicolor Dubbing:         Spirit River UV2 dubbing, Golden Stone Foam Body:    2mm closed cell foam, brown, 2 inch x ¼ inch, Foam Indicator: 2mm closed cell foam, Yellow or Orange, 1 inch x ¼ inch. Leg Material: Barred Crazy

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3t-nymph fly

3-T Nymph

 by Chet Allison, December 1985   In size 12 and 14 it is very effective when Mayflies are active especially Blue Wing Olives. Tied in size 8 it is effective on Dragonflies and Damselflies in the early spring when fished on sinking lines. Fish on a floating line in the shallows when the Mayflies are active .

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