Golden­­ Stonefly Chernoble

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By Doug Keene

Golden Stonefly Chernoble.

Hook:              Daiichi #1730, #10 Wet/Nymph Hook

Thread:           UTC Ultra-Thread, 140, Tan or brown

Wire:               UTC Ultra-Wire, Medium, Red

Tail:                 Krystal Flash, multicolor

Dubbing:         Spirit River UV2 dubbing, Golden Stone

Foam Body:    2mm closed cell foam, brown, 2 inch x ¼ inch,

Foam Indicator: 2mm closed cell foam, Yellow or Orange, 1 inch x ¼ inch.

Leg Material: Barred Crazy Legs, Golden Yellow/Pearl Flake.

Antenna:  Same as legs, or Tarantu-Leggs, black, mini

  1. De-burr the hook and place in the vise.
  2. Create a thread base from just behind the hook eye to the hook curve.
  3. Tie in 4 strands of Krystal Flash at the end of the thread base and trim to 1-1/2 inch. 
  4. Tie in a 5 inches of red wire at the end of the thread base and leave hanging for now.
  5. Wrap thread back up to behind the hook eye.
  6. Create a 4-5 inch dubbing loop and fill with dubbing.  Twist the loop till the dubbing is tightly wound.  Wrap the dubbing loop up to behind the hook eye and tie off.
  7. Wrap the red wire in the opposite direction of the dubbing, spacing to create about 6-7 wraps, and tie off behind the hook eye.  Trim extra.
  8. Tie in the front of the body foam piece just behind the eye and wrap back to 2/3 from hook eye, wrapping wide wraps to create segments.
  9. Fold over a bunch of Krystal Flash to make a 2 inch bundle of 10.  Lay across the dubbing just behind the last tiedown on the body.  Tie down and add some super glue.  Trim to 1/8 to ¼ inch in length on each side to form gills.
  10.  Tie in a 2 inch length of leg material on each side of the body near the same site as the gills.  This will create 4 rear legs.
  11. Fold over the foam toward the front of the fly, Tie down the top with a single loop of thread around the entire fly just in front of the legs tie down.  Make sure that fold of the foam is a bit more than 2/3 back from the hook eye.
  12. Lay the indicator foam on top of the folded body, and tie in a few loops right over the loop you just tied, but this time include the indicator in the loop.
  13. Tie in a 2.5 in length of leg material across the body (under the folded section) forming a single leg on each side.  
  14. Tie a single loop of thread around the entire fly just in front of the front legs. Make sure to leave some space for the final tie in behind the hook eye.  
  15. Trim the folded body to about ¼ inch beyond the hook eye.
  16. Trim the indicator to the same length as the head.
  17. Using a folded 2.5 inch piece of leg material (or optionally some black leg material), form a “V” for the antennas over the head, but under the indicator and tie this in.  You may want to use spots of super glue on head to keep V shape
  18. Push back the material around the hook eye, if you didn’t leave enough space, and form a small head.
  19. Tie off the thread and coat the head with super glue. 

Ugly Fly but it catches Fish!  Fish this fly on the near edge of the river main current, letting it dead float back in toward the shore area before recasting.    

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