Green Drake Emerger

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 by Mike Lawson as tied by Chet Allison 

 Hook: Standard dry fly hook, sizes 8 to 10 for BWO 14-16 

Thread: Olive 6/0 

Tail: Lemon Woodduck flank fibers or mallard dyed Woodduck 

Rib: Yellow silk thread (or I like to use gold wire or tinsel) 

Body: Olive rabbit dubbing 

Hackle: Dyed olive grizzly hen hackle (I like to use olive dyed Hungarian Partridge

I started using this pattern a few years ago and found it to be quite productive not only when the Green Drakes are hatching but as a nymph for dragonfly’s and tied in smaller sizes when BWO are hatching. Give it a try, it is easy to tie. 

Step 1 Pinch barb, wrap thread base & tie in Gold wire. 


 Step 2 Dub the olive body. A little fat in the middle is good but not way to much bigger. 


Step 3 Counter wrap Gold wire and tie off. 


Step 4 Tie in Olive Partridge feather by tip dark side out toward you. 

Step 5 Wrap the hackle, tie off and whip finish. Now go fishing. 

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