Payment Portal

This portal is for paying for donations, and for Renewal of Membership. For opening up a new account as a new member, use the “Become a Member” button on the top left of your page. For Events or Outings that require payment, go to the Events page and sign up through each event or outing article on the lower section of that page.

For those who are renewing membership, remember that payments are due from June 1 and can be paid from mid-May till June 30 each year. Non payment of dues by the deadline will result in removal from the club roster unless you have contacted us and requested an extension due to some issue that makes payment impossible during the normal period. Extension will not normally be granted beyond July 31. Late payments are not pro-rated.

Cost of Membership Renewal:

  • Individual Membership = $30.00 / year
  • Family Membership (up to 5 family members) = $35.00 / year

You can take care of your renewal payments on the forms you will find by clicking on the button below saying “Renew my Membership”

For those wishing to make a donation, while we always appreciate donations, we want you to recognize that Spokane Fly Fishers Club, LLC is not a 501.c.3 non-profit organization. Donations to our club are not tax deductible. We are registered as a 501.c.7 non-profit.

Fly Fishing School Registration

Please Note: Members of the club signing up through this page without logging in will be charged the higher non-member price. If you are a member already, you should first log in and sign up on the event page.


Renew Your Membership

If you’ve been a member in the past, or are new to fishing, please consider joining Spokane Fly Fishers.

Make a Donation

Whether you are a member or someone looking to support your community, any donations to Spokane Fly Fishers are greatly appreciated. Donations to SFF are not tax deductible.

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