Fly Tying Recipes

Screaming Mimi.

Screaming Mimi

by David Marshall The name derives from the helicopter used in the old TV Program “Riptide”. “Just liked the sound of the name.” The UV2 Guinea Fowl feathers may be found at Sportsman’s Warehouse, or Hobby Lobby (Hair feather section), or online.  They are often hard to find but worth the search.  Czech Glass Beads can also […]

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Perfection Perch

Materials: •Hook: Partridge PXGRS15ST, #12 or TMC 5263 #12 •Thread: Danville 6/0 Olive Dun •Head: Arizona Minnow Hair – Olive (covered with Epoxy and Clear Nail Polish) •Body: Arizona Diamond Hair- Minnow Blue, Arizona Diamond Hair- Olive/Tan •Eyes: Adhesive Eyes John Rohmer of Arizona Flyfishing in Tempe, AZ. The Troutfitter of Mammoth Lakes requested Solitude

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Golden Stonefly Chernoble.

Golden­­ Stonefly Chernoble

By Doug Keene Hook:              Daiichi #1730, #10 Wet/Nymph Hook Thread:           UTC Ultra-Thread, 140, Tan or brown Wire:               UTC Ultra-Wire, Medium, Red Tail:                 Krystal Flash, multicolor Dubbing:         Spirit River UV2 dubbing, Golden Stone Foam Body:    2mm closed cell foam, brown, 2 inch x ¼ inch, Foam Indicator: 2mm closed cell foam, Yellow or Orange, 1 inch x ¼ inch. Leg Material: Barred Crazy

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3t-nymph fly

3-T Nymph

 by Chet Allison, December 1985   In size 12 and 14 it is very effective when Mayflies are active especially Blue Wing Olives. Tied in size 8 it is effective on Dragonflies and Damselflies in the early spring when fished on sinking lines. Fish on a floating line in the shallows when the Mayflies are active .

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The Baggie Shrimp

The Baggie Shrimp is one of the Pacific Northwest’s best scud patterns. The lower scud image displays the prominent orange marsupium or egg pouch, where it gets it’s name. (webmaster note: the following pictures do not go where I want them, so do your best to go follow along.) Materials: Hook: Tiemco 2457 or 3769,

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