Six Pack

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By Chet Allison 

Hook: Mustad 9672 or Dai-Riki 710 size 8-10 

Thread: UNI black, 8/0-6/0 

Rib: Copper wire, counter wound 

Body: Dyed yellow Pheasant rump feather the real long ones. 

Hackle: Dyed yellow Pheasant rump feather the real long ones 

I was introduced to this fly by Mike Runje in the late 70’s while fishing Fourth of July Lake in the winter season. Later Everett Caryl showed me how to tie this fly, this being the old way to tie it. Now many tie it with Pheasant Tail fibers. The fly is good when Damselfly’s and Dragonfly’s are in the water. I fish it deep and over weed beds. 

The SIX PACK was developed by Carl Haufner with help from angler Everett Caryl. It is a Pacific Northwest pattern. It is a tried and true fly that dates from 1963. 

Step 1 Pinch barb, wrap thread base & copper wire at bend, and tie in body feather by the tips at the bend leave tips in as a tail. 


 Step 2 Twist (not real tight) as you wrap body feather to front, tie off, trim extra-long barbs of the body feather smooth to look like step 3 photo. 

step 2.

Step 3 Counter wrap copper wire and tie off. 

Step 4 Tie in Rump feather as hackle by the tip end and wrap, form a thread head and cement. Go fishing. 

step 4.
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