Pheasant Tail Jig Nymph

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Hook: Hanak H 400 BL Jig Hook size 14-16 (or any jig hook)
Bead: 2.5 – 2.8 mm Slotted Gold/Copper Tungsten Bead (has to be slotted)
Thread: 8/0 or 70 denier Fire Orange Thread (try any bright color)
Tail: Coq de Leon (barred/speckled) (or Hungarian partridge)
Rib: Copper wire – small (mix it up with any color wire)
Body: Natural Pheasant Tail Fibers
Thorax: Gray Rabbit Dubbing or UV Ice Dubbing
Hot Spot: Fire Orange Tying Thread

  1. De-barb hook and slide on bead. Insert point of the hook into the small hole and secure in vice.
  2. Start thread behind bead and form a small thread dam to keep bead in place.
  3. Wind thread just past the hook bend. Choose 4 – 6 Coq de Leon fibers, length should be same as the body. Tie in and wrap all the way to the bead and cut off excess.
  4. Cut a 3 – 4 inch length of copper wire for the rib. Tie it in under the hook shank and secure all the way to the tail tie in point with thread wraps. Wind thread back to the bead.
  5. Choose 5 – 6 pheasant tail fiber and tie in by the tips at the bead and secure them all the way to the tail tie in point. Wind thread back to the bead. Wrap pheasant tail fiber back to the bead to form the body and tie off, cut off excess.
  6. Counter wrap the rib with 4 – 5 wraps and secure at the bead with 4 – 5 wraps of thread. Move your thread back about a bead width.
  7. Apply dubbing to thread and dub a shaggy thorax. Stroke the fibers back as you dub. Use traditional dubbing technique or touch dubbing technique.
  8. Wrap thread to hook eye and form a hot spot and whip finish.
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