Spey Casting Workshop with Thatcher Beaty

Date and Time



Date: June 29

Host: Thatcher Beaty

For those new to these skills, spey casting is a fly fishing technique that originated in Scotland and is different from other techniques because it doesn’t have a back-cast. The caster makes a back cast under the rod tip, and the end of the fly line and leader touch the water’s surface before the caster launches into the forward cast. This allows anglers to cast farther and cover more water. Spey casting is often but not necessarily utilizes a long two handed rod and is frequently used to swing wet flies to catch steelhead, salmon and trout. It can also help keep your flies out of streamside vegetation and give you an excuse to buy some really nifty new fishing gear.

Thatcher’s program will cover:

  • Gear
  • Leader Setups
  • Fly Selection
  • Reading the Water; and
  • Casting, Presentation, and Hooksets



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