Education Committee Formed

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By Rick Newman

I strive to improve Spokane Fly Fishers offerings and events. Recently I have been striving to revive our Education Program. Kurt Tempel did a wonderful job of educating our members while he held the post of Education Chairman. His life and work responsibilities have reduced his availability and he has retired from that post. I would like to thank him for his fine work and appreciate all that he has done for the club in this function.

When I started this process, I reviewed the SFF Club Bylaws and discovered they called for a committee. So, after discussing possibilities to establish this committee we realized that a group of individuals could distribute the workload and achieve more. With this in mind we started searching for individuals that had the desire to provide education, had knowledge to pass on and the time available to participate. After approaching several individuals, I found three people that wanted to help and fulfilled all the requirements. The Education Committee consists of myself, David Marshall, Claude Kistler and Ken Moore.

We have met and started our planning for this year’s projects. We will start with three part approach to our offerings. We will start with the written word in the Barbless Flyer and also on the Spokane Fly Fishers website. In addition, we will offer indoor on offerings and presentations. Finally, we will assemble and provide hands-on outdoor education events. It is our desire to increase audience participation beyond speakers and audiovisual presentations. Details on these have not been finalized. Stay tuned for further information. We are definitely open to input from our members, we welcome your ideas and promise to give consideration to all.

I have attached a fine article that Ken Moore has written, hopefully the first of many. Ken has recently spent a considerable amount of time and money to expand his fly-fishing skills while studying to become a licensed fly fishing guide. He has accomplished that goal and expanding his efforts and offerings. I hope that you find his words as well written and educational as I did. Taking the time to prepare you, your skills and equipment will hopefully be as beneficial to you as it does for Ken!

Rick Newman

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