January 2021

By Paul Olson

What a fun Holiday party we had this year. Thanks to Devon Greyerbiehl, Jon Bowne, George Davis, Cheryl Allen, and Dave Marshall for all their work to pull off the party during the covid pandemic. I miss all the good in person fellowship and great food that our traditional holiday. I did not miss staying afterward to clean up from the party. That was the good part of this year’s event for the clean crew. This year’s event was fun for all who attended it.

There is good reason for expecting next year to be better than 2020 with the long-awaited news of Covid vaccine now being shipped daily to hospitals and vaccination sites. I am greatly relieved that the vaccine is finally here. I am also very frightened by the number of people who seem to be reluctant to get vaccinated. I am old enough to recall when the polio vaccine was first made available and I can recall being handed a sugar cube with the polio vaccine on it. I have read about the effect of polio had on FDR and how it negatively affected his life. He attempted to disguise his struggles from the public eye. He lacked the ability to stand up to give a speech without grasping on the podium to steady himself. He also needed assistance getting in and out of the cars. He had his car that he drove with hand controls. With his legs being weak from the polio he could not use the normal pedals to drive a car.

As soon as I get the chance to get vaccinated, I plan to do it. I have known several people that have passed due to contracting Covid. The greatest danger is still from contracting Covid and possibly dying from it, rather than suffering from any side effects of a vaccination. It seems that those who want to go on our club outings, classes, and meetings, have a responsibility to their loved ones, fellow club members, and friends to get vaccinated to make it safe for all those around them too. The SFF board has been trying to take the safest course when navigating the Covid pandemic. I am hoping the board encourages all members to get vaccinated to help bring us back to what we would consider more normal lives.

I am beginning to talk of planning some possible club outings this late summer and fall. I am hoping to have the club resume with some outings once people have had an opportunity to have our members vaccinated. I have asked Dr. Robin Gavelin to be the outings chairman for this upcoming fishing season. We are very much in the early stages of planning for these outings. Dr. Gavelin cautions me that the vaccine will not prevent people from getting Covid, but if you do get infected by it will not be as severely, and it may still allow people to be carriers of the disease to still spread it to others. So, mask wearing, and social distancing will still be smart and still required after being vaccinated. So, if you have a favorite fishing spot and you would like to be the outings host please email me at Pkolebear@gmail.com and I would love to include you on our list of potential outings sites.

For the club members there have been so many cancellations of meetings and events that this would be a small first step towards returning to normal club life. It feels like the Covid pandemic has haunted our club’s activities since the pandemic began to take over our lives. Any club events will be only held if the board feels they are going to be safe for our members.

I am anxious for us to cautiously move towards getting back to as normal of our lives as much as we can with this Covid virus still altering our lives. I am sure you feel much the same as I do.

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