December 2020

It has been a challenge for many of us to stay positive in these times with the Covid crisis. With all the sad news bombarding us, there is seemingly no escaping from it. Last week finally the sun started to break through the clouds with the good news of several new Covid vaccines, and their success’s in their trials. We can once again look forward to or club resuming a more normal routine sometime the future. This would mean we can resume in person general meetings, classes for fly tying, outings and our beginners fly school. I cannot tell you exactly when, but likely by sometime this summer, and hopefully for sure by next fall.

Today with the spiking Covid cases seems statement seems like a delusional expression. I want to urge you to stay safe, wear masks, and be safe as much as possible. We want to be able to go fishing with you once this all ends.

Before we watched Chet Allison’s wonderful presentation on wade fishing in the Spokane River there was much socializing with those club members who were attending the Zoom meeting. Visiting with club friends during the Zoom meeting is one way to visit now with them. You certainly will not have the opportunity otherwise to visit with them pandemic raging. Many of the club members really look forward to socializing at the general meetings. It is one of things I miss the most in since the crisis took over our lives.

Having those friendships is something that we miss, and I am very thankful for in my life. It is one of the best parts of our club these friends we make by belonging to the SFF.

Because many of us have attended the club holiday party in the past and we want to try to continue the club tradition as best as we can with a giant Zoom holiday party. Devon Greyerbiehl is putting together a SFF Zoom holiday party. I would urge you to click into the Zoom party have some snacks and a favorite beverage to join into the party. This will be a medium where you can see some of your friends. You might not have opportunity to lift a glass and toast to a brighter future, and much better next year.

Please zoom in and make it a party that we will not forget. I do not expect that you will need a cell phone flashlight like last year to get through this year’s party. Jon Bowne will be our master of ceremonies, we will have a performance from Cheryl Allen’s barbershop group, and our favorite Santa (George Davis) coming to us from the North Pole to give a us some holiday cheer. For accurate details please read Devon’s article this issue of the Barbless.

In this time of thanks, I want to offer my appreciation for all the efforts of our club members to keep making this club better every year. It truly takes many people to keep rowing this ship to keep it going in the right direction. I appreciate you all and I want to say thank you to you all for your contributions to the SFF club.

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