The Blonde Stayner Fly

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By Chet Allison

I started using the Blonde Stayner at Medical Lake around 1999 after moving to Silver Lake. I had remembered reading where it was tied to imitate Perch fry (also shiner minnows and trout fry) and Medical Lake at the time had bass, close enough for me.

I fish it mostly at the north end of the lake on a sinking line. I use size 8 & 6 with lot of success. Remember it mimics fish fry so move it quick short strips. It also catches bass if that is your cup of tea. Many a large trout has been caught on this fly


Hook: Mustad 9672 size 6 14.
Thread: Black, 6/0 prewaxed.
Tail: 10 to 15 orange saddle hackle fibers, 12; body length.
Body: Yellow and dark olive variegated chenille.
Ribbing: Gold 16/18 Mylar tinsel 4 or 5 wraps.
Beard: 10 to 15 orange saddle hackle fibers, reaching to hook point.
Wing: Wood Duck tied flat, reaching to end of tail.
Head: Black.

Note: I tie this pattern with real Wood Duck but mallard dyed Wood Duck works good also. Change the chenille to dark olive chenille and you will be tying the Stayner Ducktail.

Step 1. Wrap thread base tie in tail, gold tinsel and chenille.
Step 2. Wrap chenille forward and tie off, counter wrap tinsel forward tie off.
Step 3. I turnover and tie in beard, then tie in wing flat on top tie off and whip finish the head.
Step 4. Finished fly from bottom

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