Spokane River Workshop with Chip O’Brien

Date and Time



Dates: July 18 and July 20th

July 18th: 5pm North 40 (Airway Heights)

1. Classroom Slide Presentation:

  • Overview and history of two different fisheries (Then vs. Now)
  • Appropriate gear and safety (where not to park, how not to step on hypodermic syringes, what poison ivy looks like)

2. East of Downtown (21 miles between Upriver and Post Falls Dam)

  • Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer (SVRP Aquifer)
  • What we know (and don’t know) about the fishery (Fish species, the great summer temperature separation)
    • Fish species
    • Summer vs. Winter
    • Hatches, access and fly fishing strategies

3. West of Downtown (8.7 miles between Redband Park and lower Riverside Park)

  • Redband Park to Poo Plant (Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility)
  • Hatches, access and fishing strategies

4. Spokane Riverkeeper and prospects for the future of the Spokane River fishery

July 20th: 9am Peaceful Valley Park

On The Water Session:

  • Proven fly patterns and terminal tackle setups
  • The looong drift! (covering the water)
  • Downstream dead-drift presentations
  • Appropriate Fishing Expectations
  • Bring along at least one plastic grocery store bag
  • The difference between catching fish and having fun



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