Georgetown Lake Outing

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Dates: September 12-15 2024

Host: Dan Wight

(Robin wrote most of this. He hasn’t been to this lake yet)

Description: you should take a look at the Rock Creek and Georgetown lake descriptions in the your newer books. My newest volume is 2014. Georgetown lake is described as a weed infested shallow meadow lake. It sits at 6350 feet, so you have to watch out for the weather including thunderstorms and wind. Brook trout and rainbow trout are available in spring and fall. Indicator fishing along the east shore seems to be the most productive. Floating is said to work best around the weeds and spring holes and creeks running into the lake. Get your fly right down to the tops of the thick weeds. 

Directions: according to the Montana fly fishing guide from 1995 the best way to get there is to drive on I-90 until you hit Drummond and then head south on Hwy. 38, the books say to drop a line into Flint creek. Turn left onto  hiway 1. It runs along the east side of the lake.

Alternate (longer but very fishy). You can also turn south off I-90 at Rock Creek Rd. A leisurely drive. along the gravel Rd. that intersects with Hwy. 38 that eventually gets you to Georgetown Lake. The tradeoff is you drive along the entire stretch of Rock Creek. which I have heard is very fishable. There are three campgrounds along Rock Creek. 

Campground: Dan and I will be staying at the Phillipsburg Bay  NFS campground, MT. is the way to book your campsite. Super low fees with your America the Beautiful Lifetime Senior card. 

Meals: There are  no group meals planned

Fly patterns damsel fly adults and nymphs are the fly of the day. The Goddard caddis is sometimes successful as imitating the travelling such. Heavy leaders and tippet should be in your supplies as there’s a lot of weeds and the good size fish hide along them.

This is popular water , but you will find rainbows, cutthroats, and brookies.

Insect hatches are very diverse and the trout rarely get selective. Most of the fish measure under 16 inches but they are willing feeders in this bouncing stream

Flies: Updated list will be provided to signups in July.



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