ONE FLY Challenge at Badger Lake

Date and Time



Host:  We need a volunteer 

Date: June 8

Check In:  for One Fly Challenge at the Badger Lake boat launch  

Parking:  Discover Pass or Vehicle Access Pass required.

Suggested Flies: See Badger Lake Outing for  details

What is the One Fly Challenge?

Rules:  Register the fly you plan on using (don’t lose it) at the boat launch. You can re-tie, alter and even fish it on a different rig.  Keep track of the number of fish landed between 10:00am and 1:00pm. Make note of the largest fish for a tie breaker.  We’ll be on the honor system and will be celebrate our amazing anglers at the end of it all.

Reporting: Reporting will take place at the boat launch between 1:00pm and 1:30pm.  

ADVANCED SIGN UP REQUIRED:  Sign up is online. Go to Log in.  Go to “Events”. Go down the page to One Fly Challenge and click the image.  Go down to sign up form and sign up.  You are done



Photo of Badger Lake.
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