Book of the Month September 2019

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The Club has, again, substantially updated its library collection. We were recently able to purchase the following volumes and videos, in response to recommendations by club members: 

Books Videos – Fly Fishing for Trout – Rosenbauer – Joan Wulff’s Dynamics of Fly Casting – Nymph Masters: Fly Fishing Secrets from – Modern Nymphing Elevated Expert Anglers – Randall – Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing – Orvis Fly Fishing Guide – Rosenbauer – Rio’s Fishing Knots – Tactical Fly Fishing: Lessons Learned from Competition for All Anglers – Olsen – Two Gals in Search of a Great Catch – Dobbins & Crosby 

Devin Olsen recently gave a presentation to our club regarding the advanced nymphing techniques he perfected during his international fishing competition. We had to wait to obtain his Modern Nymphing Elevated video. Should you check it out, be sure to guard it with your life! Meanwhile, another warning: His book on Tactical Fly Fishing is Technical (the “T” is purposely capitalized!)! It is, however, laced with great photography, illustrating most of the technical points made. 

While looking back briefly at my recent reviews, it occurred to me that much I have presented of late is technical and somewhat demanding reading. Thus, I think it is time for me to review some work that is more serene or even a bit light-hearted. Accordingly, I want to call your attention to two such books in our collection. Flywater, by Mike Crockett and Grant McClintock, takes a rather relaxing look at the beauty and variety of the waters we fish. There are enough pictures of fish to hold the interest of readers who need such portraits to stay focused, but most of the photographs are striking images of the water itself. There is just enough prose, including much which is nicely introspective yet not overly flowery or needlessly profound. 

It is also large enough to be easily read, with large, dark print, and looks nice on the coffee table. If a relaxing read is what you are after, give this beautiful volume a try.  Meanwhile, Zipping My Fly by Rich Tosches brings a wonderfully light-hearted approach to our craft. Tosches, it should be noted, has been labeled “one of the funniest men  in America” by none other than Steve Allen. Just a brief perusal of some passages verifies that pronouncement. For example, the lead-in to Chapter 12: 

“Fact: The Arkansas River flows through Colorado. Fact: The Arkansas River does NOT flow through Arkansas. However, I would point out that life is not fair, and if the people of Arkansas feel cheated in any way, they may find some solace and comfort in the old Latin saying “Alestus wei non livum nei jirsei (“At least we don’t live in New Jersey.”)” 

This book is a running dialogue of such wit and wisdom. Other chapter titles include The Drivel Runs Through It, Dances with Morons and, for you football types, Vince Lombardi Didn’t Fly Fish and Dick Butkus Smells Like a Fish. Anyway, you can borrow the above volumes from your club’s library (assuming I am finished re-reading them!). 

Welcome back from what was, hopefully, a fine fly-fishing summer! 

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