Book of the Month December 2018

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‘Tis the Season… Again, we move into the holiday season, with rods encased and the tying bench replacing time on the water. I am asked fairly frequently for references to tying manuals and, with over a third of the volumes in our collection containing tying instructions, we have many choices. Accordingly, I am providing references to past Barbless Flyer reviews on such manuals. The recommendation regarding class of tyer (beginner or advanced) should be taken very liberally – if any beginning tyer wants to explore a more complex volume, go for it! I have also shown, at the bottom, a few unreviewed titles that might appeal by location, or that are simply new and not yet reviewed. All are available in your SFF Library!

If you don’t have the Barbless issues shown, simply enter, select Barbless Flyer in the column of choices, and choose the desired issue. Rick Newman has made this simple enough for me to do it and, as I’ve said before, if I can do it… Merry Christmas from your SFF Library (and good tying)!

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