2015 SFF Fly Fishing School


By: Kurt Tempel

Well it’s official—we now have 44 newly trained fly fishermen and women in our club! They successfully endured seven nights of fly fishing instruction along with rain, wind and cold during the three casting classes. Everyone made it through the program and performed extremely well. This group was outgoing and asked A LOT of questions—as a result I believe they are one of the strongest classes to go through the program in quite some time. (I sense we have some future SFF leaders in this group!)

To make the school successful and fun we had a lot of SFF member help—instructors, casting helpers and knot “untanglers”. In particular I’d like to really thank this year’s instructors for the wonderful presentations they made to this class. They are: Dan Ferguson, Al Odenthal, Judy Kaufman, Don Tietz, Carolyn Sells, Len Zickler, Brad Thompson and Walt Balek. Also a special thanks to Mike Berube for the computer and AV help—well done gang!

As I said, numerous members came out and donated their time in challenging weather condi-tions which was greatly appreciated. Thank you! Now, it’s time to get these new fishermen and women out on the water for some particle hands-on experience. Please take the time to take them out and show them the ropes. Tight lines and welcome new members to our club!