Clark Fork River Outing

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Clark Fork River Outing
Host: Alicia & Ken Moore

Date: August 5-7, 2022

 Alicia and I look forward to hosting the Clark Fork River Outing August 14-16 at the Sloway Campground Exit 37 on Highway I-90 in the beautiful state of Montana.  

Directions:  All day trips for this outing will be run out of the Sloway Campground (Exit 37) which is between St. Regis and Superior MT and will take you approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes to drive east from Spokane (approximately 130 miles).  The campground accommodates everything from trailers, motorhomes, and tents.  The Cost is $10.00 per night with an additional charge of $5.00 for each additional vehicle per night.  The campground is staffed with a camp host and has water and vault toilets.  As you exit I-90 (Exit 37) you will turn left onto Old Highway 10 and you will travel 2.5 miles to the campground (you will cross the Clark Fork River). 

For additional information: (Note: this website calls the campground Slewey while the signs that get you there call it Sloway Campground.) 

 Sign-In:  Everyone is required to sign-in, provide their cell phone number and emergency contact information, and sign the club’s insurance waiver form. 

 What to bring: Pontoon Boat, Raft or Drift Boat, PFD, and a whistle required for all fishermen (MT state law for all boats).  Fly rods #4-#6 Wt. rods with a floating line. Bring your own food to match your diet. St. Regis and Superior have a small grocery store if you find that you forgot something. Dress in layers and be prepared for wind, rain, and exhaustive sun and heat.  We will have a group meal on Friday and Saturday evenings (time TBD).

 Flies:  A comprehensive list will be forwarded before we depart from Ken. Plan on terrestrials, nymphs, and even dry fly fishing.  Hoppers, beetles and flying ant patterns (Size your choice) Pheasant tails (Size 14-20), Beaded and non-beaded flashbacks (size 16-20) Pats Rubber legs (size 12-16)  Copper Johns (size 16-18 Colors red, green or olive) Zebra Midges (Size 16-20 colors Black and red) San Juan or squirmy worms (Size 12-16 Color pink, brown/tan or red) 

Streamers: if you can sling them bring them (note: a 6 or 7 weight intermediate sinking fly line works very well and can be deadly on some stretches of this river). 

Dry flies: Ken will advise you on choices as we approach the launch date but for now PMD’s, BWO’s, Caddis and Griffiths Gnats (size 16-22)

 River Report Updates:  “Orvis Fishing report” ( The Orvis website has a tag called river reports, Pick MT from the dropdown menu, select Clark Fork River.  This will provide fly patterns, images, sizes, and colors.  

Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop  ( in Missoula also provides a weekly river update. 

 ADVANCED SIGN UP REQUIRED:  Sign up is online. Go to Log in.  Go to “Events”. Go down the page to Clark Fork Outing and click the image.  Go down to sign up form and sign up.  You are done. 



A photo of Clear Lake.
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