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Tyers & Their Flies


I have been member of Spokane Fly Fishers since the late eighties and a lifetime member since the early nineties. In that time, I raised a family, worked a busy job, and fished when I could.

Over the years, I always made time to read the monthly SFF newsletter, often fantasizing that, someday, I, too, would go on outings and meet more people from the club. Resolutions to enact my fantasy even made a couple of my lists to start the New Year.

As things turned out, I attended the occasional meeting and supported the club through raffle donations and purchases at the Fly Auction. I rationalize that I at least, in part, kept  one of my resolutions.

As such an intermittent participant, I regret to say that I really don’t know as many people in the club as I would like.

I think that the club’s annual Fly Auction is a spectacular showcase of some superb SFF talent. That the auction continues to be a major fundraiser for the club is a testimony to both the dedicated volunteers that administer the event and the skills of those that, year after year, tie and donate their beautifully crafted handiwork.  At this year’s Fly Auction, it dawned on me that I see for only brief moments the end results of hours of work before the flies are purchased and disappear from all but the buyer’s view, with little appreciation of knowing something about the person that tied them, why they chose to tie those particular flies, and what materials were used to sculpt not but a few masterpieces.

So, I hatched the idea that we could spotlight SFF tyers in our newsletter. Judy Kaufmann liked the idea, and other club members, including Tim Reed and Dan Ferguson, have offered to help.

My idea is to have short columns about flytiers and their flies. The columns are also a nice opportunity to tell a little about the tiers — a Bio Op, if you will.

I volunteered to start the project by spotlighting the tiers whose flies I purchased at this year’s auction. I want to include photos of their donations. There are some real beauties here. Stay tuned.

Somehow, I am going to find time for this.

SFF Member For Life,

Felix Martinez

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