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By: Betty Smith -Lambert

The results are in! Six people have completed the Beginning Fly Tying Class and have passed the “graduation test” which was to tie the “Stimulator”. People who ask for donation flies take note!! These people have been added to the “know how to tie list”.

This year’s class was composed of Norm and Val Urbat, Carl Sturm, Brad Levine, Mitch Bowers, John Rude and Rich Hurst. Each of them found fly tying to have special difficulties “just for them” but had the “stick to it attitude” that leads to success.

They progressed from putting a hook into a vice and thread on the hook to putting beads on hooks, and taught me a new way to control beads. Each has broken and recovered from broken thread, and found that forgetting to put a material on at the instructed position can usually be repaired. They packed hair and spread it all over the room and themselves. I even inflicted them with two methods of dubbing, a method that is often considered one of the most difficult techniques of fly tying.

I would be remiss if I did not mention those that helped me. Bob Mielbrecht revised and printed the manuals as well as taught the introduction to tying. I don’t think that I could have done as good a job at either as I am not a computer person nor do I convey the elements of beginning tying as well as Bob.

Beginning Fly Tying would not be possible without Mary Kovatch. She helps with the problems the students create for themselves and does the practical lectures on – “well, how does one fish this fly?”


By: Mike Berube

What a great way to spend Thursday nights when it’s freezing outside. Huddle up with 25 of your closest tying buds and create some great patterns. The six classes went by really fast but we learned some new techniques and patterns…everything from a size 16 emerger to a size 4 Clouser minnow.

I can’t thank the volunteer tyers enough! I asked, and you came through. Dan Wight, Bob Newman, Carolyn Sells, Dan Ferguson, Brad Thompson, and yours truly shared not only some great patterns but some new techniques also. Again this year, Dan Ferguson was especially helpful in the success of this class. Thanks Dan!

If you took the beginner’s class this year, I hope to see you next year in the intermediate.