2015 Fly Tying Classes


By: BettySmith-Lambert

The 2015 Beginning Fly Tying Class was a very full class. The tables only have room for ten people at a class and twenty people signed up. Of those, sixteen attended. The morning class, taught by Betty Lambert and Mary Kovatch was composed of Craig Adams, Victor Frazier, Dave Chromy, Dave Merabell, Larry Tichey, Dick Brereton, Dallas and Michelle Buckanan, Pat Hutchins, and Lamarr Lamer. The afternoon class, taught by Bob Mielbrecht and Larry Ray contained Doug Keen, Jeff Reed, Less Lynton, Marlene and Jerry Williams, and Pat Shine. I hope that I got everyone’s name correct and did not leave anyone out.

This year we reorganized the class and materials. Instead of five classes the course was extended to six and some of the flies were changed.

I am happy to say that all people progressed from putting the hook into the vise, to wings, beads, dubbing, and spinning deer hair.

Bob, Mary and Larry were exceptional in their assistance with the instruction and the class would not – GO – without them. They are not only important as helpers for those who have questions but can explain how to fish the flies. I only tie flies…someday soon I hope to fish again.

I would also like to thank the unknown person who dropped off turkey feathers, deer hair, and ring neck pheasant feathers at my front door. The materials were badly needed for the class.


By: Mike Berube

Thanks to all of the volunteer instructor tyers. Dan Ferguson, Brad Thompson, Dan Wight, Bob Newman did a great job showing us some new patterns, techniques, and tips. We tied quite the variety; emergers, nymphs, dries, streamers, bass bugs, and some lake bugs. Thanks also to all of the tyers who came out and showed a lot of enthusiasm learning new patterns.

If you took the beginner’s class this year, I hope to see you next year in the intermediate.

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