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DUES FOR 2014-2015

MEMBERSHIP By: Jodi Fitts, Chair

Thanks to all for renewing your memberships.
For those of you still needing to renew your memberships, you can send your dues to:

Spokane Fly Fishers PO Box 4141 Spokane WA 99220.

You can also renew at the meeting on the 8th.

At the September club meeting, we received four new memberships. Please welcome Douglas Keene, John and Brenda Sharp, Ken Shatzer and Jerry and Marlene Williams.
If you have noticed any errors in the directory, please contact me directly. I will be at the October meeting or you can email me at
fittsjl@yahoo.com or call me at 951-7406.
See you all on October 8th.

Again, thank you for helping make SFF the great club that it is.

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