Outings for 2015

DATE                         OUTING                      HOST                              RATING / EXPLANATION

June 26-28       North Fork                          John Hudson                      2-Wading
Coeur d’Alene River

Jul 17-19            Kelly Creek                         John Hudson                      2-Wading

Aug 1-2               St. Joe River                       Rick Newman        1-3-Wade: Depending on where        

Aug 14-16          Rock Creek, MT              Canceled        1-3-Wade: Depending on where

Aug 28-30        Lochsa River, MT           Canceled         1-3-Wade: Depending on where

Sept 11-13         Clark Fork River             Host Needed                2-Float: Bridge abutments,                                                                                                                                 small rapids, obstacles

Sept 19              Sprague Lake           Dan & Carla Ferguson   1-float

Sept 25-27      Missouri River               Jim & Jo Gooley               2-Float: Bridge abutments,                                                                                                                               obstacles

Oct. 9-11        Grande Ronde River  Host Needed  4-Wade: slick rocks, boulders, visibilty                                                                                                             4-Float: Low fast water, obstacles                                                                                                                                  

As you can see, hosts are needed for most of the outings. If you wish to volunteer or have any questions contact Dan Ferguson. E-mail to nwflyguy@gmail.com or phone 509 325- 8885.


LEVEL           TYPE                                   RATINGS DESCRIPTION

1                Water: Still water, easy access, may have windy conditions

                 Operator: Rookie to expert, First time pontoon/drift boat owners should start here.

                   Float Tubes okay here only.

2               Water: Still water: Limited access/River. Comfortable current, small rapids, easy wade.

                 Operator: Level 1 accomplished, First river outing with experienced mentor.

3                Water: Still Water: Difficult access.

                    River: Float, faster water, obstacles, rapids, sweepers.

                   Wade: Difficult access, fast, slick rocks.

                    Operator: Level 2 accomplished and mastered. Good boat handling skills, can                                                    read water and react.

4      WaterRiver: Faster water, changing conditions, heavy rapids, obstacles, braids strong hydraulics,   sweepers.

     Operator: Level 3 accomplished and mastered. Excellent boat handling skills, can read river quickly and respond.

5      Water: River: Complex water, changing hydraulics and river path. Complex rapids, falls, scouting recommended.

Operator: Expert boat handler with a lot of experience in complex hydraulic situations. Must be able to read and react immediately and correctly.


Each time a boat operator enters a new level for the first time it is recommended they go with an experienced mentor at that level.


When signing up for outings note the rating assigned to the waters. If you have any questions about the waters and the rating, contact the host of the outing or the outings committee chairman (Don Tietz: E-mail don@troutfisher.org or phone his cell: 509 850-5076).

A mentor can be provided to aid in negotiating new waters and help to make your outing experience enjoyable.

Please be sure to check the Barbless Flyers for 2015 outings details.They will also be posted here. If folks have requests for outings please contact Gale Allen.

The responsibility of a host includes coordinating times and meeting locations, securing mentors if needed, purchasing and preparing food (paid for by SFF) for the main course (if served, during an outing), writing an early article for the newsletter and following up with a recap article for the Barbless after the event.

Please note that these are proposed outings. They can change at any time depending on conditions and whether we have hosts.

Check newsletters and this site for current outings information.